Performance Coaching

One-on-One Coaching for Every Endeavor!

  Are you under mounting pressure and want to be sure you perform at the TOP of your game? The Center for Performance and Achievement is dedicated to helping you achieve your BEST when it really counts!

  Do you want to feel confident that you really can meet the challenge and “deliver the goods” when you need to? Want to be able to shift your mood, stay motivated, and complete tasks? Get better results from your hard work and commitment?

  If you are facing personal or professional challenge, I can help you increase your adaptability, resiliency, control, and confidence. Together we can maximize your strengths and manage any pressures that impact your ability to deliver your best in performance, sport, academics, work, and play.


1) Train your nervous system to react effectively under pressure.

2) Strengthen the memories, beliefs and behaviors that get results, and re-pattern those that get in your way. 

3) Develop strategies for using your new skills when it really counts! 

Group Workshops and Clinics

Shirley has conducted seminars and clinics to performing arts organizations for over twenty years. Her curriculum for Performing at the Top of Your Game When It Really Counts–packed with practical strategies for improving performance in every endeavor–has been praised by performers, educators, designers and adjudicators throughout the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

 Whether directed to performers of any age or the instructional/coaching staff, workshops and clinics can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group.

  To discuss the best format for your needs and to schedule an appointment or workshop, please contact Shirley at: .