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as well as performance coaching and workshops
for any endeavor.

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Are you under mounting pressure and worried about how you are going to manage it all?
  Are the physical and mental signals of stress and anxiety starting to take over your life?
  If you find yourself in high pressure situations, where you really want and need to perform at the top of your game, but instead you:

• over-exert, blow up, or implode;
• blank out and can’t remember what you just did or what comes next;
• are distracted or overwhelmed by anxiety, fears and negative thoughts;
• can’t concentrate or get your body to do what it knows how to do;
• know you have the technical skills to perform better but can’t determine what gets in your way … 

… you’ve come to the right place!

Whether your goal is managing the pressures of daily life, healing a difficult relationship, making a tough decision, navigating change, getting the job or promotion, passing an exam, improving your own performance, or getting your students or colleagues to perform at their best, The Center for Performance and Achievement offers practical strategies for managing the challenge and performing at the top of your game when it really counts!

I like to think of “performance” as: DELIVERING THE GOODS (whatever they are) RIGHT NOW!!!
That big RIGHT NOW creates a unique pressure that distinguishes performance from preparation, research, training, and practice!
Anytime you have to “deliver your goods” RIGHT NOW — especially when conditions aren’t ideal, or you can’t “start over” — you are performing!

This certainly applies to:
• actors
• singers
• dancers
• musicians
• and athletes.  

But it really applies to all of us,
because we all perform in every aspect of our life!

If you are a parent, you are also a performer. If you are in a relationship, you are a performer. If you are coach or teacher, you are a performer. If you are a student, you are a performer.     If you have a job, or are looking for a job, you are performer.

 If you are:
• an attorney
• a supervisor or manager
• a firefighter
• a peri-medic
• a police officer
• a doctor, nurse, a dentist … 

 … you are responsible for
delivering your goods consistently,
and others rely on you to
perform at the top of your game
when it really counts.

That makes you a performer!

TO . . .

To perform at your maximum potential, you must master your skills AND be able to draw on those skills under pressure!

The Center for Performance and Achievement strives to help you discover your personal responses to stress, anxiety, and pressure. 

You will learn how anticipate these responses and develop tools to cope with them so you will KNOW you can draw on your skills when you need them most!

Services and strategies are offered in a variety of formats; from individual psychotherapy for adults and one-on-one performance coaching via telephone or online, to consultations and workshops specifically designed for your group.

I invite you to explore this website and discover a format that works for you!